Building Wealth

through Customized

Real Estate Investment

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Very Good Homes LLC

America is a land of freedom.  Among many kinds of freedom to enjoy, the freedom to own personal property is perhaps what drives the world to envy us the most.  Imagine, you buy  a piece of property.  It remains yours forever, for many generations to come.  Thus, Very Good Homes LLC is committed in enriching our clients by helping acquiring correct properties and by providing property management to lessen the management burden.  We do this one client at a time, growing together.



1. Study client's customized needs.

2. Study the market.

3. Come up with the strategy.



1. Identify the investment property.

2. Create the ROI proposal.

3. Acquire the property.



1.  Find the suitable tenants.

2. Establish Rent Rules & Regulations.  3. Plan the future of this investment. 

Educational materials

Creating wealth through real estate investment, one client at a time!

Youtube seminar

KBS 이슈와 투자 -- 투자 전략 세미나 #3 of 7

youtube seminar

KBS 이슈와 투자 -- 임대 보다는 꼭 집을 구매 해야 하는 이유 #2 of 7

roi worksheet

Return On Investment Worksheet

Click to view. 

Worksheet is always provided before purchase.


DFW has answers

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Texas Mandated Notices

You will find the latest disclosures required by Texas Real Estate Commission.  Please click the  link below:

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